Damboree 2019 Gold Badge


The Damboree 2019 Gold Badge.

This super limited edition badge is intended as a uniform badge to be worn in the occasional badge position.

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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY If you met the Gold Badge Criteria (below) and successfully got your permit as a Beaver or Cub Leader or became an Nights Away Adviser having assessed a Damboree camp, then you can order one of the coveted Gold badges. IF YOUR PERMIT IS ALREADY ON COMPASS AND YOU CAN GET A SCREEN SHOT OF YOUR PERMITS AND YOUR ROLES TAB EXCLUDING ANY NON-NIGHTS AWAY PERMITS. IF YOUR PERMIT IS NOT YET ON COMPASS YOUR ORDER WILL BE PENDED FOR 60 DAYS, TO ALLOW TIME FOR THE FILES TO BE UPLOADED, AT WHICH IT WILL BE CANCELLED AND REFUNDED. This is to reduce the time it takes to check and fulfill your order, please ensure your membership number is visible:
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Additional information

Certificate Awarded

Permit Holder Cert, Nights Away Advisor Cert

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