Scottish Office takes early registrations by storm!

In just 5 days since registrations opened, it seems Andy Till, our Scottish Office has been quick off the mark getting the news out that registrations for 2019 have opened.  With Scotland already registering ~800 Damboree-ers it’s rather impressive, mostly from Aberdeen!

We’ve even had registrations from our British Scouting Overseas colleagues, and possibly ScoutsNZ too! (I’m following that one up to get the right organisation details for my spreadsheet) Which is all very exciting.

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2019 Damboree Registration Opens! Now with Added Cubs!

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Damboree @ Reunion & AGM

I write this after a day that started anxiously for most of the Damboree Team, I am quite pooped, it has to be said

John May had submitted a question to the Scout Association AGM which asked a question regarding building on the #crowdscouting success of Damboree, how can HQ support grass roots driven intiatives. The question was:-

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It’s the Final Badge Run, do do do do….doodle-oo do do

For those of us who remember Europe, and the Final Countdown the Damboree Team has now just given you a synth-earworm as we deliver this all important message. Anyone who is too young to remember The Final Countdown,  you need to Youtube it….

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Beaver Without Borders

Over the last 12 days I’ve had the honour of camping with Derwent and Dove scout District on our Sweden trip. This consisted of 39 scouts and explorers and 1 beaver scout.
Please meet Matthew 😁

Both of Matthews parents are leaders and was on the camp. So the little brave man joined in 12 days, 10 nights on camp with us.

Every day I had the conversation with him of which beaver badge we could look at today, and we are looking at over 20 badges earned including the union flag 🇬🇧 on his uniform which he is very proud of.

Matthew slept with the scouts and joined in all the activities without a moan or a tear, including all the chores of taking rubbish across fields to the skips, getting water containers filled, washing dishes and cooking food for 46 of us.

I can see an experienced scouter for the future.

Matthew’s Mum had this to say:

Matthew is a seven year old Beaver Scout with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a child of a leader, he was fortunate to be able to experience Derwent and Dove’s UK Contingent attending ‘Vildmark 2018’ in Malungen Sweden. Hosted by the Alno Scoutkar, Matthew travelled with the Contingent by bus, plane and then train to Sundsvall and camped at Alno Scout House. The journey time was 12-13 hours, so amusing himself with only a book and his imagination was difficult at times, but he coped fabulously! Then he travelled to Malungen camp. Matthew has helped to fell trees to make a table, pitch bell tents, whittle wood into spoons, canoe, join in when they held Swedish campfires (with no fire because of the forest fires in the local area) and embrace the countryside around him in the way that any Scout could!

Matthew enjoyed every moment of this journey to Sweden and did so independently with very little support from his parent leader. He took his responsibilities seriously when given his daily duty of cooking, washing up, fetching water to drink and take waste away, and did so with a smile and a spring in his step. He’s come away from camp an accomplish camper, craftsperson and general grafter, proud of what he achieved – which includes being able to tie his shoelaces independently!

When Matthew had a little accident with his whittling of a stick, he was a brave young man, staying calm and asking for help – he says that his first aid stage 1 helped him to know what to do. He was soon stitched up and back to camp enjoying swimming in the lake every night to wash and cool off, and playing Swedish Viking Rock Paper Scissors. Matthew recommends camping and especially when its overseas. Anyone can camp abroad, even a Beaver Scout!

The above report was by Suzanne B. A member of the Damboree Team & Karuna Badges.

In 2018 the restrictions on Beavers being only allowed to camp in the UK was lifted, as part of the POR 2018 updates.

25th Halifax – Their Damboree Story

25th Halifax St. Marks Beavers is  currently only a small colony but still we had a fantastic Damboree.

We did so many fun and exciting things at Bradley Wood Campsite,  such as canoeing, climbing, archery, circus skills, backwoods cooking and singing at the campfire circle.

We are looking forward to our next outdoor adventure😃😃

The Eve of The Camp

No one would have believed
in the years since twenty fifteen
that Nights Away affairs where being watched
by intelligences that inhabited the timeless worlds of Facebook.

No one could have dreamed we were being scrutinized
as someone with a microscope studies Beavers
that swarm and multiply at the mention of mud.

Few leaders even considered the possibility of #BeaversinTents
and yet, across the breadth of counties
minds immeasurably superior to ours
regarded this weekend with envious eyes,
and slowly and surely
they drew their plans to Damboree.

At teatime on the 22nd of June
a huge mass of luminous joy erupted from homes
and sped towards camp.

Across two-hundred-million miles of void
noisily hurtling towards us
came the first of the Beavers
that were to bring so much joy of camping

As I watched there was another yell of joy
It was another tent being erected
And that how it was for the next two hours
a flare spurting out from homes
Bright turquoise, drawing a blue mist behind it
A beautiful but somehow gratifying sight

Ogilvy the commissioner assured me we were in no danger
He was convinced there could be nothing but joy
on that remote, welcoming campsite.

The chances of Beavers camping in tents, are a million to one he said
The chances of Beavers camping in tents, are a million to one
but still they camp!

#Damboree #BeaversinTents #BeaversareScouts_ScoutsCamp #SkillsforLife_StartswithBeavers #CrowdScouting

Adapted from the original Jeff Wayne’s Eve of the War from War of the Worlds, by Stuart Ball, in honour of those who are camping this weekend, with the shortest of nights with the liveliest section.

Damboree Overseas – Malaysia

Intrepid Damboree Reporter Andy T. caught up with the, currently, only overseas Damboree event participants 2nd Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, whilst we wait for photo’s of their Damboree adventures, here is the interview:

1) Who are you and where are you involved in Scouting?

Melanie G., born & bred in Melbourne, Australia, and currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the past 2.5 years. I’m currently Beaver Scout Leader for 2nd Kuala Lumpur Scouts and have been involved in Scouting for two years.

2) What got you interested in getting involved in the Damboree?

I’m always up for getting young people outdoors, where they can learn independence and resilience. But it’s a great feeling to know that thousands of other Beavers will be enjoying a similar event to your own at the same time as you, somewhere else in the world.

3) What are your Damboree plans and how many people will be involved?

In line with our Cooks Award, we have organised a cooking camp, where our ten Beaver Scouts will undertake most of their own catering for the two night camp. We will be camping in a tropical rainforest in Janda Baik, an area on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur; we’re hoping that the hilly region will provide some respite from the humidity of KL! An obstacle course and a jungle river trek with river tubing should be the highlight of the activities on camp.

4) What do you, and the Young People, hope to get out of being involved in the Damboree?

Weekly sessions only allow for an hour of activity time where our young people get to work together as a team. The Damboree will allow lots of time for team building and strengthening friendships, as well as time for each of our Beavers to develop their own independence and sense of responsibility. The Beavers, of course, are just aiming to have lots of fun!

5) How do you use Facebook to support your Scouting activities?

Members of the 1st Facebook Scout Group and the BSO adult forum provide lots of helpful and creative ideas for activities for Beaver groups, as well as tips for handling various situations that can arise in/around group sessions.

6) How would you like the Damboree idea to evolve in 2019?

Particularly as our Group operates in a comparatively remote part of the Scouting world, I think it would be great for our young people to have the opportunity to mix with other Scout groups for the next Damboree.

if you are an overseas Colony, and you would like your young people to be involved in Damboree, please get in touch, so we can see how we can support you through your National Scouting Organisation, which may not be much, but we can cheerlead your efforts, if nowt else.

#Damboree_Overseas #Damboree #Beavesintents #BeaversareScouts_ScoutsCamp #SkillsforLife_StartswithBeavers #Damboree_inaJungle

4th June News Update

General Roundup

Bit of a serious one this, as there is lots going on at the moment with many many wonderful leaders out camping with their beavers, and we remain completely humbled by levels of support that Damboree continues to receive:

  • >8000 Blue Badges ordered
  • >2000 Silver Badges ordered
  • >30 Gold badges issued to new permit holders
  • ~1000 members of our Facebook group

The Damboree Team are the cheerleaders of those who are doing the do, the late nights, and early mornings (sunrise on the focus weekend is ~0442 if anyone was interested), the cooks, the washer-uppers, camp leaders, the activity leaders and the assessors, the list of supporting roles is endless.

Well done you, and to those yet to camp, well done to you too!

County League Tables

We’ve been tracking the orders through our system as they head onwards to our badge partner, it’s something we’re going to look to improve, along with many other things if/when we decide to do 2019.

So, whilst cleaning and analysing the data we thought it would be interesting to see which counties had ordered the most badges, a reasonable guide to actual participation as opposed to intend to participate which is what the registration was all about.

County Top 10 By Beaver Participation

Rank County Blue Badge Count Silver Badge Count
1 Norfolk 621 159
2 Lancashire 587 199
3 Kent 507 162
4 Hampshire 422 106
5 Staffordshire 347 122
6 Dorset 277 32
7 Cambridgeshire 275 37
8 Lincolnshire 248 54
9 Cleveland 230 120
10 Wiltshire 224 58

As you can see the Damboree Team counties feature quite heavily, with Norfolk (Tony Buttifant) leading the way, with Kent (Andy Sissons), Hampshire (Ben Knowles) very close at hand. My own county Buckinghamshire, languishes in 25th but I’m pleading vacant ACC Beavers role as mitigation. The full list is at the bottom of this article, if you’re interested.

There is talk of Damboree Bragging Rights being bestowed on the County Commish with the largest number of participants, the only real way we have to measure that at the moment is badge sales, although we appreciate not all Damboree Events will partake of our badges, and may do their own.

So share this with your County Commissioners, ACC Beavers and remind them #BeaversareScouts_ScoutsCamp and that #skillsforlifestartswithbeavers


We know not everyone does social media, and whilst this years Damboree success has been driven by social media, we would like to offer a newsletter service. This will distribute newsletters to targeted audiences who sign up, such as Commissioners, Leaders & Parents. You can sign up to the newsletters….

Posterity & Pictures

Our Facebook page and group has been inundated with wonderful pictures that we want to be able to keep for posterity, and allow the world beyond social media to see. So in the coming weeks we’ll be adding a photo album function to the website to ensure that Damboree lasts longer than Facebook

Damboree 2019

As we head into our focus weekend, we’re already casting our thoughts forwards to 2019, whether it needs to be an annual or continual drive towards support #beaversintents, to that end we’ll be posting a Survey over the summer recess, and running it throughout August/September, answers after September will be included, but may not be used to inform decisions.
The hope is that it will branch for Parents, Participants, Silver Badge Holders and Gold Badge Holders to get feed back on what they got from Damboree,  what we can do better next time, if we go for it again.

Reunion 2018

A number of the Damboree Team will be at Gilwell Reunion this year, although some of us only got day release rather than a weekend pass, so it’ll be Saturday Only for myself, and possibly Ben.  Let us know if you would like to arrange a meetup.

Full League Table

Rank County Blue Badge Count Silver Badge Count
1 Norfolk 621 159
2 Lancashire 587 199
3 Kent 507 162
4 Hampshire 422 106
5 Staffordshire 347 122
6 Dorset 277 32
7 Cambridgeshire 275 37
8 Lincolnshire 248 54
9 Cleveland 230 120
10 Wiltshire 224 58
11 Hertfordshire 198 39
12 Suffolk 197 57
13 West Yorkshire 195 68
14 North Yorkshire 186 62
15 Northamptonshire 180 74
16 Bedfordshire 179 36
17 Berkshire 177 45
18 Derbyshire 176 60
19 Worcestershire 165 43
20 Flintshire 155 17
21 East Sussex 149 27
22 West Midlands 145 42
23 Aberdeenshire 145 75
24 Cornwall 136 59
25 Buckinghamshire 122 35
26 Devon 119 23
27 Aberdeenshireshire 118 49
28 Durham 118 18
29 Essex 106 35
30 Angus 90 40
31 Merseyside 85 22
32 Midlothian 82 17
33 Bristol 81 10
34 Oxfordshire 80 20
35 Cheshire 68 25
36 Gloucestershire 68 14
37 Ross-Shire 65 25
38 Somerset 63 9
39 Edinburgh 60 4
40 Anglesey 60 25
41 West Lothian 52 18
42 Torfaen 50 20
43 Western Isles 45 25
44 West Glamorgan 40 10
45 LONDON 36 10
46 West Sussex 33 8
47 Avon 33 15
48 North humberside 32
49 Caerdydd 32 9
50 North Somerset 30 8
51 Greater Manchester 30 10
52 Surrey 29 15
53 Fife 28 13
54 Highlands 26 9
55 Leicestershire 25 1
56 lothian 24 12
57 North Somerset 24 7
58 Middlesex 23 5
59 tyne and wear 21 9
60 Northumbria 21 9
61 Shropshire 20 15
62 Isle of Wight 20 6
63 GMW 20 6
64 Moray 19 10
65 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 18 3
66 South Lamar 17 5
67 Humberside 15 5
68 Inverclyde 15 3
69 Armagh 15
70 East Yorkshire 15 7
71 Powys 14 1
72 Merthyr Tydfil 13 8
73 Isle of Skye 13 5
75 Worcs 12 10
76 Guernsey 12 8
77 Herefordshire 12 7
78 lancs 12 3
79 Denbighshire 10 2
80 WeSt Midlands 10 10
81 Northumberland 10 1
82 South Glamorgan 8 1
83 Cardiff 6 10
84 stockton 6 5
85 Vale of Glamorgan 6 8

#Damboree #BeaversinTents # BeaversareScouts_ScoutsCamp #Skillsforlife_startswithbeavers

The Big Weekend Rushes Upon Us!

As we rush headlong towards the end of May, and towards the Damboree focus weekend of the Solstice 22nd-24th June 2018, we felt it would be a good time to remind people of the badge ordering process so we can ensure out badge Partner, Karuna Badges has enough stock and is able to deliver to in time for your Damboree event. So here is a message from Karuna (modified slightly)

The big date is coming quite soon , and the orders are coming in everyday , which makes it a little hard to keep up with stock as we don’t want to overstock badges to ensure they remain limited, and the cost of un-used stock disposal, BUT I also don’t want anyone to be without badges the day of their camp .

The current stock is holding and the average wait time after payment is made is 10 days  but that number will vary slightly up and down, so preferably we would like at least 2 weeks notice with a preference to 3 weeks notice .

Please also note that all orders are going via registered post so it will be a £2 postage for small orders , and bigger orders ( +50 ) will have a slightly higher postage charge .

Orders with more than 100 badges need to be put in as soon as possible to avoid delays in case i need to make more stock .

Payment is via PayPal preferred , and if via BACS a screenshot needs to be sent after payment is made otherwise IT WILL DELAY their order as we’re not checking the bank account every day.

And to please follow the payment instructions to the line , otherwise it will delay your order while we’re trying to figure out what the money paid is for as we sell a wide varierty of badges through our own online store.

You MUST indicate your BACS payment with the following: Damboree – Name – Post code anything else will delay shipment of your badges as the payment  needs to be processed manually.

We want to ensure you have your badges in time for your event, help us make that happen.

So there you have it, our badges have proved hugely popular with ‘000s awarded, or planned to be award at Damboree events that continue throughout 2018.

The Damboree Team would like to re-iterate our absolute AWE at the pictures we’re being shown on our Facebook group, and we continue to be humbled by the levels of participation from Leaders leading, their mentors mentoring, and the stories of Cubs, Scouts, Young Leaders, and Explorers helping get Beavers camping.  You’re all amazing, and we salute you.

The Damboree Team
(Right, now to remember the vast collection of hashtags!)
#Damboree #BeaversinTents #BeaversareScouts_ScoutsCamp #SkillsforLife_StartswithBeavers #ChangingPerceptions_ChangingLives #TheOneIveForgotten