Damboree Overseas – Malaysia

Intrepid Damboree Reporter Andy T. caught up with the, currently, only overseas Damboree event participants 2nd Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, whilst we wait for photo's of their Damboree adventures, here is the interview: 1) Who are you and where are you involved in Scouting? Melanie G., born & bred in Melbourne, Australia, and currently living … Continue reading Damboree Overseas – Malaysia

4th June News Update

General Roundup Bit of a serious one this, as there is lots going on at the moment with many many wonderful leaders out camping with their beavers, and we remain completely humbled by levels of support that Damboree continues to receive: >8000 Blue Badges ordered >2000 Silver Badges ordered >30 Gold badges issued to new … Continue reading 4th June News Update

The Big Weekend Rushes Upon Us!

As we rush headlong towards the end of May, and towards the Damboree focus weekend of the Solstice 22nd-24th June 2018, we felt it would be a good time to remind people of the badge ordering process so we can ensure out badge Partner, Karuna Badges has enough stock and is able to deliver to … Continue reading The Big Weekend Rushes Upon Us!


It is not uncommon for Beavers to spend their first night away from a close family member at a Sleepover, let alone CAMPING! So the challenge is: How do Leaders give parents confidence? One answer is to hold a Parent’s Evening. During the fast 15-20 minute meeting I would suggest you cover the following topics: … Continue reading DON’T GIVE PARENTS / CARERS SPACE TO WORRY

Damboree in the News!

7th Preston Beaver Colony managed to get themselves, and Damboree, in the local news! The Lancashire Post, part of the Johnston Publishing local newspaper network. reported on the 7th Preston's Damboree camp at Waddecar Scout Activity Centre earlier in April. Link to News Article Getting news coverage for Damboree was so for down our wish … Continue reading Damboree in the News!

Additional Damboree Dates Added!

We've been told by those we speak to in hushed conversations, whilst beavers are asleep that some Colonies aren't participating in Damboree because they cannot arrange a camp for the weekend of 23/24th June 2018. This is a big shame, because it means we've not managed the communications properly, or our message is missing in … Continue reading Additional Damboree Dates Added!

Ramping up and Going for Gold!

We'll also be sorting out a Hall of Fame in the coming weeks, recording for posterity those wonderful leaders, supportive groups, supporting District Commissioners, and the Nights Away Assessors who give up their time for a cup of tea, a biccie, and the all important assessment. So, the Damboree events are starting to come thick … Continue reading Ramping up and Going for Gold!

We GOT ONE!!!!!

In the famous words of Janine Melnitz from the original Ghostbusters movie.....WE GOT ONE!!! (if you are under 30, ask your parents....) Yes, we have had the first Damboree event down at Ferny Croft Scout Activity Centre, when I say WE, I mean the 1st Dorcan Beavers who held their camp over the Easter weekend. … Continue reading We GOT ONE!!!!!


To gain your permit doesn't require you to put on your Super Hero Beaver costume and organise everything. Some leaders may claim that when they qualified for their Nights Away (NA) Permit they had to do everything (at the one camp), but that's not a requirement of the NA Scheme. You are allowed to delegate … Continue reading DIY IS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR YOUR NIGHTS AWAY PERMIT

Grab Your Passport, and Head for the Campsite!

THE DAMBOREE PASSPORT - so many possible badge requirements met Firstly a credit to Angela Haynes, who has inspired us to get the crayons out, and do a branded passport for Beavers. Thanks Angela, so please when you download it, remember to thank Angela on our FaceBook Group and Page. It's editable in Microsoft Word, … Continue reading Grab Your Passport, and Head for the Campsite!