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When is Focus Weekend?

Focus Weekend is an opportunity to share in the Damboree experience, the aim being that there is one weekend a year that we try and get as many people camping as possible. Well it started as as many Beavers camping at once, but as our scope has creeped, we're aiming for as many as possible in one weekend.

We appreciate that's not possible for everyone, and we're keen to see as many photos of people enjoying Damboree camping as possible through our social media channels.

So the important thing is when is Damboree Focus Weekend 2020?

19th-21st June 2020

We have adopted the closest weekend to the Summer Solstice, largely by accident, but it has stuck and likely to continue that way for the foreseeable.


Cubs Emerald Badge Requirements

Complete 5 OPTIONS & all of the ESSENTIALS section.

- [ ] Help to pitch and strike your tent
- [ ] Cook a Backwoods meal with your tent buddies
- [ ] Show you know what things you need to do to look after your campsite and kit
- [ ] Make, name and look after an imaginary camp pet...
- [ ] Build a shelter/bivvy for two, and sleep in it for at least one night of your camp
- [ ] Make a useful Camp Gadget
- [ ] Erect and use a weather stone to give local weather forecast.
- [ ] Make a woggle out of something you have on camp. Could be wood or cord. Using knife skills or knots.
- [ ] Invite one of the Damboree ASU or your ACC Cubs or County Nights Away Advisers to your event
- [ ] Perform a Campfire skit or teach a new song

Essentials - do ALL of these
- [ ] 2 or 3 nights Cubs sleeping outside
- [ ] Spell out Damboree in Camp Items
- [ ] Post pictures, or it didn’t happen, to Facebook using #DamboreeCubs #Cubsintents

(UK) Do we need permission to wear the Occasional badge on our Scout Uniform?

A: Yes. For UK members of the Scout Associate POR 10.3 b. States that The County (Regional). A number of County (Regional) Commisioners have already stated they are happy for Youth Members and Leaders to wear.

We'll aim keep a list of relevent permissions, where we're made aware of it on our website

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