Charity Badges Cross The Pond

Alex was the winning bidder, and once UPS had delivered the parcel he had this email for us…..Over to you Alex.

Just wanted to let you know the packaged arrived perfectly.

I am a Cub Scout den leader here in the US (cub scouts being children from the start of Kindergarten through 5th Grade (Years 1 through 6 I believe in the UK system)) and the dens are grade based, with the various dens forming a pack.

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Andy Sissons – Grand High Meerkat

Grand High Meerkat

Andy Sissons, should need no introduction, but we’ve allowed him one anyway, as you can see his passion for Damboree is deep-seated, but after a while we had to let someone else have a turn with the soapbox .

“My name is Andy Sissons and I am one of the two UK Scout Association Technical Advisors for Nights Away. I am also a Scout Section Leader.

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