Scottish Office takes early registrations by storm!

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In just 5 days since registrations opened, it seems Andy Till, our Scottish Office has been quick off the mark getting the news out that registrations for 2019 have opened.  With Scotland already registering ~800 Damboree-ers it’s rather impressive, mostly from Aberdeen!

We’ve even had registrations from our British Scouting Overseas colleagues, and possibly ScoutsNZ too! (I’m following that one up to get the right organisation details for my spreadsheet) Which is all very exciting.

So far 3300 Beavers and Cubs are in for another awesome camping experience courtesy of their fab leaders and supporting volunteers.

It looks like we’re on target to support 58 new permits too, and that’s just from the 122 registrations we’ve had so far.

Region# Cubs# Beavers
South East112360
South Wales141273
East of England139227
South West158227
North West55177
West Midlands83165
North East30145
East Midlands270
Greater London056
North Wales4535
British Scouting Overseas2418

Registrations are important, as it helps us work with out badge partner to calculate what the initial run of badges should look like. If you would like to help spread the message in your region of the country, we’ll soon be on the lookout for regional and county conduits, co-ordinators, envoys we’re undecided on the role title. Where possible we’re hoping it will be xNAA & SNAP people, to help spread the Damboree message of getting #everyoneintents.

As soon as we have focus weekend dates, badge designs and such like we’ll be putting a printable newsletter out that can be handed to Group Leaders, Commissioners to disseminate to leaders.

If you haven’t registered yet, and we appreciate without the badge criteria, badge designs or focus weekend announced that might be delaying some registrations, please register here.

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