2019 Damboree Registration Opens! Now with Added Cubs!

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The news some of you have been waiting for, which is registering your interest in Damboree 2019, as we move towards getting #everyoneintents.

We’e hoping that the runaway success of 2018, with around 220 new Campsite permits for Beaver leader, will be built on as we bring new Beaver Leaders into the initiative, and embrace our next age group, Cubs.

Yes, Cubs, and Cub leaders will be able to join in the fun with Damboree 2019.

Beavers will have their blue badges, Cubs will have a badge the colour of which is yet to be confirmed. The designs for these are under close wraps at the moment as our Head Designer, Crayons, is in her workshop crafting more badgey goodness.

Golds and Silvers will be available too.

All the criteria for earning these badges with your participation in Damboree will be released in the coming weeks, as we wind down 2018, and start the build towards 2019.

To register your interest please use our Registration Form


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