Additional Damboree Dates Added!

We’ve been told by those we speak to in hushed conversations, whilst beavers are asleep that some Colonies aren’t participating in Damboree because they cannot arrange a camp for the weekend of 23/24th June 2018. This is a big shame, because it means we’ve not managed the communications properly, or our message is missing in action. Whilst we wanted a focus around that weekend to gives Colonies something to aim at, there is No Reason you cannot camp out with your beavers any of the other 363 days we have this year. If you want to Damboree at Christmas, then fill your stockings. Halloween? We wouldn’t say Boo! to that either. Whatever inspires you to get your beavers camping this year, they can get a Damboree blue badge, you can get a silver, or if you get your camping permit or become a Nights Away Advisor this year, you can apply for your Gold badge. There is nothing stopping you getting your #BeaversinTents, if there is, our expert team of troubleshooters, troublemakers and cheerleaders are on hand to help you make it happen. So please, share the message that the 2018 Damboree runs to the end of 2018, not the end of the 24th June. #GoTeamBeaverLeaders #Damboree #Beaversintents #beaversarescouts_scoutscamp #Skillsforlifestartswithbeavers

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