Damboree in the News!

7th Preston Beaver Colony managed to get themselves, and Damboree, in the local news! The Lancashire Post, part of the Johnston Publishing local newspaper network. reported on the 7th Preston’s Damboree camp at Waddecar Scout Activity Centre earlier in April. Link to News Article Getting news coverage for Damboree was so for down our wish … Read more

Additional Damboree Dates Added!

We’ve been told by those we speak to in hushed conversations, whilst beavers are asleep that some Colonies aren’t participating in Damboree because they cannot arrange a camp for the weekend of 23/24th June 2018. This is a big shame, because it means we’ve not managed the communications properly, or our message is missing in … Read more

We GOT ONE!!!!!

In the famous words of Janine Melnitz from the original Ghostbusters movie…..WE GOT ONE!!! (if you are under 30, ask your parents….) Yes, we have had the first Damboree event down at Ferny Croft Scout Activity Centre, when I say WE, I mean the 1st Dorcan Beavers who held their camp over the Easter weekend. … Read more

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