Damboree Patrols

The patrol system in Scouting is one of the great organisational units, so we have taken our fabulous Damboree ASU members and slotted them into Patrols for parts of the UK and our British Scouting Overseas and non-British Scouting but still Overseas colleagues

Ben Kn
Stuart Ba
Sam El
Badger Be
Anthea Be
Maria Le
Roisin Sm
Gary Sc
James Ch
Jennie Jo
Laura Sc
Christopher Wa
Tim Ha
Raymond Ba
Rob Wo
De Jo
karen pa
Andrew Sh
Ang He
Tamsyn Ho
leigh po
Michelle Da
Mark Lo
Heidi Ha
Jessica Ph
Tracey Bu
Susan St
Ray Tw
Kirsteen Mo
Mark Ho
Dimal Pa
Laura Co
David Ba
Helen Pa
Renata Lu
Sara Sm
Andy Ti
Lynne Ty
Andrew Tw
Damien Sa
Clive Ed

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